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How to Reduce Lost Property at your School

  • Namemark personalised labels are recommended by hundreds of schools.
  • Namemark labels reduce lost property and will save teachers time at your school.
  • Most schools now insist that each year’s ‘new intake’ of pupils must have all footwear, clothing, sports kit and personal property clearly labelled.
  • Recommend labels to all your pupils – especially this year’s new intake.

The Best Way to get Parents Labelling Everything

  • Many schools find the ‘new intake’ meeting for parents is the best time to give each parent a Namemark information leaflet.  These leaflets will provide parents with all the information they will need to enable them to label all their children’s clothing, shoes and personal items correctly.
  • You may like to use a different way of passing on this information to parents and this could either be in the form of an advert in your school magazine or information supplied in your school letters or emails which are occasionally sent to all parents.
  • Alternatively you may like to download a PDF of our flyer which you can then pin onto the school notice board.


Parents Can Order Direct to Namemark by Mail Order or Online

  • Parents can order labels direct by Mail Order or online at


If you require further information or would like to speak to a member of staff concerning your options, please do not hesitate to contact Namemark by either phone 01590 718171 or by emailing us at