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Please let us know when Namemark’s products, website or delivery work for you. If you experience any problems let us know so that we may improveĀ our service next time. We want you to be delighted every time you shop with us!

Here are some recent comments from Namemark customers:

How wonderful to receive such quick and efficient service, well done and thanks again.

Jan, Galloway

I have used Namemark labels for years now and have always been very happy with your courteous and efficient service. Thank you for caring about your customers. These days, a company like yours is hard to find!

Jill Mitchell, Amersham

Received my order this week, all present and correct. Thanks for great service yet again.

A M P, Singapore

Thank you to everyone on the Namemark team! I’ve enclosed a copy of the flyer I sent out to parents. Just because I am so pleased, you surpassed the ‘nice guy’ billing I gave you. I’m sure if I had called you ‘label fairies’ I’d have got some odd looks all round – but you are! Thank you.

Rosemead School Association

Thank you very much, I received the labels and am now sewing, you offer a very good service.

Wendy Picken

I think one of the most original ways I used your labels was when my son’s Grandma went into residential care for Christmas. I had no idea that everything had to be named. But, hey presto, I cut his Christian name off his sticky labels and off his iron-on labels and named everything for Grandma. Well done Namemark!

Jill Mitchell

I have just received my WHOSHOE Shoe Labels and PROSHOE Adult Shoe Labels and they look fantastic – I’ve never bought shoe labels before but these are great for the grandchildren. Thank you Namemark.

Jean Lockey

My youngest son (23) was recently advised to name his shoes whilst working in Austria this winter and we found some Whoshoe labels that were left and they still worked as well as they did all those years ago!

F Rogers

Just to say thank you. Brilliant service and I would recommend you and use you again.

Mrs Ann White

Excellent, well done for doing them so quickly, very pleased with them, very good altogether, very pleased.

Mrs Quarterman

Your kind efforts are very much appreciated!

S Churchil