NAMEMARK's best-selling PROSHOE adhesive shoe label, is mainly used by adults for all types of footwear, preventing them for being lost or misplaced.


PROSHOE Tough Adult Shoe labels will help identify your footwear anywhere.  The durable material means that even in hard wearing environments they will still last. These shoe labels will not tear, ruin or become spoilt, even in moist conditions.


With PROSHOE's ‘four line’ availability you can add your first name, second name, phone number and other contact details. You have flexibility as to what information you decide on.


NAMEMARK's tough adult shoe label

• Essential for naming all types of footwear

• Up to 4 text lines of your choice

• Text font style; Arial 

PROSHOE labels include clear covers for extra durability

• Suitable for older children, teenagers and adults


Content: 20 x labels per pack

Label Dimensions: 44mm x 44mm

Plus free added clear protection covers


Use PROSHOE shoe labels to avoid losing any type of footwear, from football boots, ice skates, wellington boots and running shoes, to adult footwear, children's shoes, ballet pumps, snow boots and sandals.

Proshoe Personalised Self Adhesive Shoe Labels

  • Dispatched within 4-5 days

Supplying labels worldwide for over 30 years!